Stichting Tien

Stichting Tien

Fonds: Ondersteuning projecten in Zuid-Afrika agv de corona crisis
Geplaatst op: 6 apr. 2020

Bericht van Touch Community Centre

Onderstaand bericht ontvangen van Angela over de situatie bij Touch. 

Morning Ron & Janny


Yes the office is closed for now, but I have the printers and computers at home and both

the telephone numbers are linked to the house so I am still working.

Jeanette and the volunteers are counselling via the telephone but most of my time

is spent on calls, whatsapps and emails.

So many people looking for place to stay and for food.  It is so sad. Even up to after 8pm

last night I was getting calls looking for food. I finally stopped answering my calls and let my

phone battery die so I could have some peace.  The last 2 days I have been struggling with

being a little depressed and heavy, as I have been trying so hard to find food for our teachers.


Most parents did not pay school fees this month so our teachers (almost 300!!) went into

lockdown with nothing.  I cannot find one church in town who is helping and I have used most

of our money I was saving at Touch to buy food for people and for the homeless.  Not a wise

business decision, but I left enough to cover our insurance and rates and taxes but used the money

I would normally pay for salaries.  Our people are all in this together and I couldn’t bear the

thought of someone’s family not eating because I was trying to save money to feed my own family and

the other staff. 


We trusting God to try and raise more money as it is not going good.

Now that we working in Koster training the guys that Jetze sponsored, they are also contacting me for

help and even the lady from Swartruggens where Shib is building the shelter has been calling me for

food.  I have cried out so many times before God.  Last night I finally crashed after one of the teachers sent

me a message and said, “God bless you and keep you safe for all of us” because I am the only one

trying to help them and I told God that I cannot carry on because it is killing me because my heart is

breaking so often and I finally had a good nights sleep without waking too often and today I feel like the heaviness has lifted ….


SO I begin the hunt again to look for food for our people.  Even this morning I received a call at 7am from one of our schools

looking for food.


Please pray for strength and for Godly wisdom and for God to lead me to the right doors where I can find donations of food

for the people.  Everyone is moaning that our people refuse to stay at home but when I ask them, they all tell me “ Angie

we hungry, We looking for food”  It is so sad that many of our people are doing nothing to help.  The only people helping

all the races are the Moslems.  We tried the churches and all the doors are locked!!!  It looks like they only help their own

people.  It is so so sad.  Here we are being arrogant saying people must believe in Jesus and be born again, but who is feeding

them??? The Moslems.  I wouldn’t  be surprised if more people left Christianity and converted to the Moslem faith because they

are doing the work of the church. I am so angry.  Even the rich white & black people here in town are not helping others. They may

help a few of their own circle or their own family but I cannot find a single one of them.


Thank you for asking about how we are doing, sorry for the long moaning email but please pray.  I am so worried that many of our

Small schools will not be able to open again after this crisis has lifted as so many people have lost all their income.


Stay blessed and pray for our country please xxxx


Lot so love and blessings


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