Stichting Tien

Stichting Tien

Fonds: Ondersteuning projecten in Zuid-Afrika agv de corona crisis
Geplaatst op: 10 apr. 2020

bericht van Touch Community Centre

Good evening friends & supporters of Touch Community Network


It is with a very humble heart that I write to you this evening and ask for support at this time in our country.


We have managed to feed 70 people with the resources that we have in our office, but this number is only

the tip of the iceberg and I have emptied our bank accounts.  I am not worried about Jeanette, myself & Berry as

we will make a plan somehow to get money to buy food at the end of the month, but I am asking on behalf

of our vulnerable clients and especially our ECD practitioners for your support.

We are very close to all our students and teachers and this includes the ones we work with in Koster under

Antoinette, as well as Rebecca from Swartruggens who has the shelter there and the SHIB team should know

her.  She has also been requesting assistance not only for her place, but also for the community in Swartruggens

as they are coming to her house begging for food.  I have been unable to source donors in their area to assist them.


Even now as I am writing, my phone is going crazy with messages of fear from the practitioners.  Over 97% of our

teachers were not paid the end of March as parents said they needed to use the money to buy their own

food going into lock down and now with our lock down being extended until the end of April, I foresee that it will only

get worse.


My request to your organisations. H.O.P.E, SHIB & Stichting Tien, is that you send out emails or letters to your supporters

and people who have visited SA with your groups, asking them to get involved. (Thank you Mieke I saw you put a piece on

your newsletter)  We currently have a rand givengain page and one of our Dutch volunteers created a gofundme page in

Euro’s.  If we can get the message out to people who have a heart for Africa I know it will turn the tide and we will be able

to help feed more people.  If you need any documents or anything else that I can provide to help you put this together, please

contact me.  I have been working from home more than I ever did in the office.  The need is so very great.


Tomorrow I am going in to the office to bring home baby clothes to pack for all the new moms, as with the shops all closed, they are not able to

buy clothes for babies and I am going to take the clinics all the baby formula I have in the storeroom.  I know that none of you

will be visiting SA this year, so I look forward to lots of baby clothes next year when you come, as I am about to empty out our

storerooms.  Thank you for faithfully bringing so many clothes in the past, they are about to be put to good use to people who

are desperate.  Please pray that each person who receives a baby pack will be blessed.


Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share my heart and our need with you.  Please pray for our people and for our country.


Much love in Christ




Angela Meuwsen


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