Stichting Tien

Stichting Tien

Fonds: Ondersteuning projecten in Zuid-Afrika agv de corona crisis
Geplaatst op: 29 apr. 2020

Bericht van Touch Community Centre

And the Lord is good, His mercies are never failing & new every morning.

This morning we were able to deliver another 31 parcels to single moms, granny headed households & some of our ECD practitioners. We didn’t do the full parcel that we have been doing but at least we purchased more veggies this time to supplement the parcels. After our first drop off along the way for someone who was coming in from Monakato, we headed off to Boitekong to deliver 23 parcels. I decided to work with Pienkie who used to be one of my Child & Youth Careworkers when I did training for Tapologo. We unpacked everything out at her house & waited for the people we had called to arrive. And boy did they arrive! Word got out in the community & people just starting pouring in looking for food. There were a few tense moments when Pienkie had to send some people away who did not want to leave, but all in all, it was over in 2hours with some very happy people. We then headed back to Rustenburg to go and buy some more maize & veggies before delivering to 7 of my ECD practitioners in Lefaragathle & Phokeng. I was blessed to receive a bucket of guavas & a few avos which I shared with my neighbour. It is very hard receiving the gifts, but I know the people do it to say thank you, so I receive it with grace I hope. I just asked Melanie to wash one so we can eat it & she’s complaining the guava’s smell funny. Guess she is only used to seeing them come out of a can & not be fresh.

We were stopped by the police for the 2nd time today, but before he even looked at the paperwork I think he saw the food in the back of the car & waved us on, or it could have merely been the smell of the cabbages that the kids packed into the car last night again that caused him to get us moving so quickly! While we were out today, we saw the department of health screening people & it was so funny seeing many of them standing in the lines in pyjama’s & slippers. It has been a really chilly day here, so perhaps they all suffer from Melanie’s disease of wearing her onsies all day long. The roads were a lot quieter & we noticed in Phokeng, that the mall had all their gates locked & the people were standing in a queue almost a kilometre long to get into Checkers. Not even the cars were allowed into the parking lot at the mall, they all had to park on the roads outside. It looked crazy. Saturday in town near the taxi rank we saw people standing over a block long just trying to get into the meat shop. I wonder how long social distancing will carry on? What happens when other shops start to open that have been closed during this time? If their people have to queue to get in, I can forsee some crazy lines happening, as current queues block off entrances to shops that are closed for the moment. But when they start to open, it may be a nightmare to control. I will just be happy when people have food & I can stop going shopping as I actually loathe shopping. The last few weeks have been enough to last me a lifetime!


Last night, while I was seated in bed wearing my Viking hat to keep my ears warm, my beloved daughter decided she wanted to entertain me by trying to do some tictoc dances & singing scales. She really really does not have any talent whatsoever. I tried to chase her as I was watching Agatha Christie & you need to concentrate, but Mel informed me that she is sure she must have some hidden talent somewhere. We laughed so hard again before we finally agreed that it is NOT dancing nor singing. I finally had to throw a pillow at her to get her to leave so I could continue with the movie. The one talent she certainly does have is talking!!! Perhaps she will go into politics? She may not always win the arguments, but she will certainly tire out her opponents as she doesn’t have an off switch. None whatsoever. Lately when Timothy teases her, she is now arguing back & boy does it get painful. She has not yet mastered the skill of merely walking away. The more intense she gets, the more Timothy ramps up his teasing & Melanie falls straight into his traps each time. It is enough to drive a person to drink. I don’t know how parents cope with so many kids. They deserve medals.


I attached a few pictures taken today. I always ask for permission before taking photos & on our programs, the beneficiaries sign indemnity forms if they agree to photos so please don’t stress when you see photos that I post. I add them to help you visualize what is happening out where we are working. You will see 2 photos of some old ladies. I laughed so hard at them acting & dancing for the camera. The one photo shows a lady with a white face mask she stitched by hand…… from a pair of satin pyjama’s………. It is very true, necessity IS the mother of invention. Yesterday at Food lovers there was a BIG guy who looked like a farmer with a bushy beard & shorts almost touching his ankles & he had made a face mask from a face clothe, 2 cable ties & string. It looked so funny on his face with his beard poking out from all angles. The one good thing masks conceal is all the smiles & chuckles we have at one another’s funny appearances lately. The only thing I regret is that so many people don’t smile with their eyes & because you can’t see faces & mouths anymore, it looks like we have a lot of grumpy people walking around.


So I dare you tonight, put on your face mask & practice smiling in the mirror. I am sure you will realise that you can do a lot better, go on, go ahead & put some laughter & sparkles into those beautiful eyes of yours. I promise you they will make somebodies day when next you venture out. xx


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