Stichting Tien

Stichting Tien

Fonds: Ondersteuning projecten in Zuid-Afrika agv de corona crisis
Geplaatst op: 20 sep. 2020

Bericht van Touch Community Centre


So very true. We are just God 's vessels on this earth to help others. 22 hours online with an abortion minded client since 9;16am yesterday. No opinions or persuasions of my own and she talked through all her fears and doubts and in the end decided to keep the baby and not abort. I love the way her tone even changed and she became excited. I am over the moon because I did nothing but listen and walk alongside while she made her decision. God is so good.


A message from a school in Freedom park who we trained as well as assisted with the Covid 19 file. Makes it all worthwhile. "Thnx a lot my dear dsd was here every ???? there were impressed thnx to you God bless you"


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